Stomach has been acting up again. We are picking up Chase tomorrow. Well, I am. Neil is going with his dad until Sunday. Hip has also been hurting. Been emotionally pretty well, though. 


Things are still going pretty well. It's still a bit surreal. 


It's like a switch flipped in my personality once I wasn't sick anymore. A few things contributed. I'm glad. 


I feel so much better. 


Been really going through it lately. That's it. That's the post 


I've been sick for over two weeks. Missing a lot of work and generally miserable. The nausea pills make me feel worse. I am having trouble sleeping because I feel so sick. The hospital sent me home but didn't make me feel better. I just want to be normal. I'm afraid to eat. 


Been feeling kinda strange. So close to being done with the semester extension. Had to kick zedi out and I fucking hate it. Lost my friendship with Shelby due to some gaslighting. Go to a new dr this week, hoping they can help some of my issues.