Been keeping busy, I guess. Also wanted to leave the last post up for a while. Chris and I are broken up. Things have been pretty good. Trying to find some focus. Had to replace my motor on the car and my box spring...


Made a website, and email, and having a sale on prints through the month. Also got a couple photos selected to be in an exhibit. Things are going pretty well.


Aunt Dorothy and Barbara were here this weekend. It was nice. My tattoo went well. I ended up with bats (the first design was leaves). I started an ADHD med, although Susan doesn't think I have it. Got my new glasses. Still trying to accumulate past happiness things. Penny and Sean are coming next weekend.


Back has been bothering me for like a week. Wasn't able to quit smoking. Need to clean out Cole's cage. Dagda needs water. Sprout needs wormies. Narwhal and Gary need a filter. Learning about different things. Entering works. Struggling with work a bit.


Tried to quit smoking. So far really struggling with it. The patches and gum are unbearable. Not even sure what to say, just realized it'd been a while since posting. Didn't get the cat but adopted a bunny from the apl. Shaved off my eyebrows. Been feeling overall pretty good.


Only got a couple more weeks to smoke. Got food stamps. Trying to adopt a cat from the rescue, Rowena. Been pretty good. Rearranged the kitchen. Need to play Pokemon. Went to gaming at draven and krystal.