It's been so long. Still working on school. Not much has changed. Going to get my stomach checked out in a few weeks. Have plans to get my tooth fixed this week coming up. Getting a new bed soon.


Guess it's been a minute! I started taking psychology classes online for my bachelor's and life has been hectic, but overall, well. 


Neil got covid from his dad and mom and I got it from him. Signed up for college. It's been a rough week but I'm starting to get used to it.


I guess it's been a minute. I have a date Wednesday. If it's actually a date. I'm nervous and excited. Just wanted to put it out there besides just Facebook. There's more I could say, but... Oh, well.


Just had an amazing, albeit exhausting weekend. Went tubing for the first time yesterday. And went hiking today. I started reading the celestine prophecy. I made some art. 


Had that weird sickness over the weekend again. It's been pretty hot. It's raining right now. I'm so sporadic. Don't even know what I've said. But you're not reading this, anyway, right?


If you read this... I'm cultivating my best life. Thank you.